System Status - Lexplore EU portal.

We will update this message when we have major user-visible problems on any of our systems. If something is not working, please contact our support team even if this message says that everything is working. Email us at

Ongoing known issues

  • No ongoing issues at the moment

Planned maintenance

Previously resolved incidents

  • 1 September 2022: We are experiencing issues with SIS integrations(for instance Feide or Skolon) for syncing and importing both staff and student users. We are aware of the issue and are working hard on solving it. If you are experiencing issues regarding this, please contact
  • 17 September 2022 Web browser Safari issues. Problems for users to sign in and automatic log out. We recommend using Google Chrome, to get the best experience. 
  • 22 mars We are currently experiencing temporary downtime on our Results Portal.

    There is a Google initiated alert visible for users who wish to access the portal via web browser Google Chrome.
    It is possible for Google to flag websites they believe provide malicious files to its users.

    We feel it is very important to emphasize that there is nothing harmful on our portal, in its content nor the Lexplore software available for download. This has been acknowledged with Google now who have lifted this flagging. We anticipate it will be fully restored and up and running again soon.
    The Results Portal and Support page is still available. Until this is resolved we recommend you using web browser Microsoft Edge to access Lexplore Results Portal.

  • 27 October (12.05) Login to Result portal & Application is not working with email & password, due to Microsoft services is not working
  • 22 September Results in the Portal may have a slight delay being processed due to the amount of tests currently being conducted. All results will be placed in a queue for AI analysis.